Mining Pool (Standard)


SwissApps is specialized in installation, setup, configuration and optimization of different Private or Public Cryptocurrency Mining Pools.
We have already installed and maintain hundred of different types of Crypto Mining Pools.

Our Standard Mining Pool package includes generally known Open Source Pool software which are easy to manage and provide quite good security features.

      • Non of our installed pools require any registration/login system,
      • Simple full detailed Miner Stats
      • Overview of profits
      • Automatic payouts
      • Pool Fee % set and automatic payouts sent directly to Pool operators address or stored on main Pool Wallet.

Pool performance depends on different factors. To run a stable pool you need to consider your Server performance depending on what pool you want to run.

We recommend you chose your server with at least:

      • Dedicated VPS or Server (x64-bit).
      • 2GB RAM or more
      • 2 vCPU or 1 Dedicated CPU

You can host a VPS on Amazon, DigitalOcean etc.

In order to install and setup the pool, we require you to give us information on what coins you you wan to run on your pool.